Selkirk Range – Reach Out To You

Selkirk Range
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Recorded at Spicy Tomato Music and Maggie’s Hill Cabin

Produced and Mixed by Everett LaRoi
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura California

All Songs © Gordon Gow 2016

Gordon Gow: vocals; acoustic guitar; electric guitar (A Long Goodbye); Merlin dulcitar (Cold Coffee); bass (Cold Coffee); keyboards (Cold Coffee, Doin’ By Me, A Long Goodbye); drum programming (Doin’ by Me, She Came By); percussion (You, Me, and the Almighty, A Long Goodbye)

Everett LaRoi: backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, organ (Longest Night of the Year); drum programming (Doin’ By Me)

Alice Kos: backing vocals (Cold Coffee, Doin’ By Me; Yellowhead West; A Long Goodbye); piano (Longest Night of the Year; Yellowhead West; You, Me, and the Almighty)

Karen Von Klitzing: backing vocals (Doin’ By Me; She Came By)

Mike Silverman: drums (Longest Night of the Year; You, Me, and the Almighty)

Cover art “Rasht” by Taymaz Valley

Graphic design by Renee La Roi